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Salmon digestion and microbiome simulation

Our technology provides a range of in-vitro experiments for salmon nutrition and health

Our Services

At Salmosim, we support the development of innovative products for aquaculture. We provide a range of fast, reliable in-vitro services designed for companies in the market of aquafeed nutrition, veterinary pharmaceuticals and microbiome health of salmon.

We assess the properties of the products in a manner tailored to the client's needs, thanks to the modular design of our state-of-the-art technology, to increase the productivity and sustainability of farmed salmon.

Our bioreactor technology simulates the absorption, fermentation and enzymatic digestion of salmon feed products.

probiotic prebiotic

Measure the efficacy of prebiotics and probiotics on a diverse range of microbes from the GI tract microbiome.

salmon antibacterial

Our technology can simulate the spread of antibiotic resistance genes in the salmon GI tract.

See our poster for EAS 2023

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SalmoSim-Digest system

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Our Clients

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