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Our Technology

The SalmoSim® system is composed of a series of bioreactors that simulate the major compartments in the salmon gut. Temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen levels, enzymatic components and gut microbes mimic those of real salmon. The system has undergone validation via extensive benchmarking in vivo feed trials.

The SalmoSim system can be tailored to your needs for enhanced replication, digestibility models and more.
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The salmon gut simulation system

Our technology involves a series of bioreactors that can simulate the major compartments of the salmon gastrointestinal tract.

The bioreactor achieves reliable results by controlling the temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen levels inside the bioreactor to closely mimic real salmon.
Our system has been successfully validated via comparison to in-vivo feed trails.
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Our unique technology allows for us to offer customisable digestibility experiments for clients in the market of salmon feed and nutrition. We streamline the process to developing new products by measuring the bioavailability of nutrients in the different major stages of the gastro-intestinal tract.

How our technology works:


  • Salmon feed and salmon gut biofluids are mixed with seawater.

  • Temperature, pH and enzymatic conditions are controlled within each bioreactor.

  • Micronutrient products of digestion are continuously absorbed and analysed.


  • Apparent digestibility coefficients are calculated for different fractions of the feed (e.g. lipids, proteins and nutraceuticals)


From measuring the efficacy of prebiotics and probiotics, to understanding the spread of antibiotic resistance, or assessing the influence of innovative pharmaceutical products, we provide a wide range of experiments focusing on both commensal and pathogenic microbes within the salmon gastro-intestinal tract.
How our technology works:
  • The gut simulation system is inoculated with microbes from the gut of farmed salmon.
  • Feed is ran through a parallel series of bioreactors acting as the major compartments of the gut.
  • The microbes can be sampled for downstream metagenomics, metaboliomics or other analysis.
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