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We provide tailored experiments to assess the activity of fish feed ingredients, novel aquafeed recipies and vetinary medicines within the salmon's gastro-intestinal system using our state-of-the-art in-vitro salmon gut simulation machine. 

Analyse the enzymatic hydrolysis of aquafeed substrates to measure bioaccessibility and the bioavailability of nutrients. We analyse the absorption of amino acids, volatile fatty acids, lipids and sugars during the digestion/fermentation process using our state-of-the-art nutrient dialyser. 

Pro-pre-syn biotics

Characterise the impact of prebiotic ingredients upon the diversity and activity of the bacteria community within the gastro-intestinal system with comprehensive focus on species known to have beneficial influence on fish GI health.

Vetinary pharmaceuticals

Assess the activation and bioavailability of orally administered medicines and characterise the influence of drugs upon pathogenic and commensal microbial species.

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Pathway to productivity

We compile a comprehensive database of commensal microbial species to characterise communities of gastro-intestinal microbes that promote favoural properties in farmed salmon provide a pathway to greater sustainability and yield.

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