About SalmoSim

SalmoSim® was founded to fill a gap in applied research and development systems of salmon aquaculture: a comprehensive simulator of the salmon gastro-intestinal tract. We aim to understand the relationship between aquaproducts, nutrient bioaccessibility and gut microbes in order to improve the productivity and sustainability of farmed salmon. 
SalmoSim is designed to dramatically reduce the in vivo testing costs involved with bringing innovative feed ingredients to market. 
SalmoSim's origins

Initiated in 2016 by Dr Martin Llewellyn, principal investigator at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), in collaboration with Marine Harvest, College Cork (Ireland) and enterprises, Alltech (USA) and Nofima (Norway). SalmoSim recruited doctoral candidate Raminta Kazlauskaite who developed and validated the SalmoSim technology. A vibrant team now run the system, including several technicians, technical director Dr. Joseph Humble and Director Dr. Martin Llewellyn


At SalmoSim we work closely with clients and industry specialists to provide services relevant to the needs of salmon aquaculture in the modern age. We aim to provide useful information on aquafeed ingredients and pharmaceuticals to accelerate and stream line the path to market for innovation new ingredients, drugs and feed formulations.


At SamoSim we use a series of bioreactors innoculated with microbes and applied with biofluids originating from the salmon's gastro-intestinal tract. Aquafeed is fermented in our system, physiological parameters are carefully regulated and bioaccessible nutrients are dialysed. Samples are taken throughout to analyse microbial life, nutrients and biochemical properties. 

Sustainability and Welfare

At SalmoSim we seek to improve the sustainability of aquaculture by aiding the inclusion of environmentally sound ingredients into aquafeeds. We aim to improve the welfare of farmed salmon by assessing the impact of formulations on microbiome diversity and nutrient bioavailibilty, as well as reducing the need for in-vivo testing.