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At SalmoSim® we offer a range of customisable in-vitro services designed for companies in the market of aquafeed nutrition, veterinary pharmaceuticals and microbiome health of salmon. We assess the properties of the products in a manner tailored to the client's needs thanks to the modular design of our state-of-the-art technology.

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About us

SalmoSim is a start-up company from the University of Glasgow which uses our bespoke salmon gut simulation machine to provide services and partnerships to operators in salmon aquaculture. 

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Latest News 
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SalmoSim conducts digestibility trials for multiple feed developers 

Autumn 2021

SalmoSim validation published in prestigious journal 

August 31st 2021

SalmoSim valdiation accepted in high impact journal Microbiome


Commercial client Calysta come aboard

December 09th 2020


Calysta, manufacturer of revolutionary single cell protein FeedKind, has signed up to its first contract with SalmoSim.

SalmoSim prebiotic trial pre-print posted online 

November 24th 2020


SalmoSim completed an experimental assessment of prebiotic fish food ingredients!

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